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Below are some FAQ if you are having issues please contact our support team at the bottom of the page.

Can I Use Google Chrome Cast?

Yes, Our Streaming server allows use of casting to TV or Chrome Cast Device.

What web browser do you recommend?

We recommend the use of google chrome, for best viewing we suggest the use of a wired internet connection, Some mobile devices can be used depending on your internet speed.

Why is the quality low?

Our streaming provider DAcast has adaptive playback which will automatically select which will play best on your internet speed.

Can i rewind the live stream?

Yes, We provide 30min Rewind function for all live streams.

Is my payment secure?

Yes your online payment is handled by our secure payment gateway.

The stream as started can i still pay to watch it?

Yes, You can buy the stream after the start time.

When can i purchase live stream tickets or on-demand content?

As soon as the links are available on our website you can sign up for live stream tickets, we try to have on-demand available shortly after live stream.

My live stream keeps freezing.

Try closing your web browser and re-opening it make sure your using google chrome. If you still have a problem contact our support team.

I had issues now i have been charged twice.

If you have issues with your payment and find you have been charged twice please contact us below and and team will look into it for you.

Still have a question?

Please contact us for more information.

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